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Bill, charge and invoice as you please. No matter the pricing.
Welcome to the future of brilliant billing. Don’t let advanced pricing complicate your billing ever again. Vayu’s revenue platform accommodates every pricing model, so whether it's consumption, seat, or anything in the mix - ​​you're in safe hands.
Bill, charge and invoice as you please. No matter the revenue stream.
We make it simple for faster contract-to-cash cycles. From PLG to direct-sales contracts and Partnership channels, whether payments flow through cards or bank transactions - rest assured, we'll consolidate it all.
Bill, charge and invoice as you please. No matter the workflow.
Finance teams are no longer working in isolation. Vayu bridges the gap to allow hands-on, easy credit and balance management, invoice approvals, and hands-off automating payments. Faster time to invoice, greater accuracy and better visibility means more cash flow back into your business.
Bill, charge and invoice as you please. No matter the environment.
We adapt billing to your business model, not the other way around. Our no-code platform orchestrates a symphony integrating and synchronizing effortlessly within your existing infrastructure. From BI, CRM to ERP, Vayu connects the dots for seamless, cross-software flow. No additional software or complicated tech setups needed.

From Contract to Invoice in Minutes

Data Metering

Any action or event can become a billable item, with total flexibility - no limitations or structure to hold you back

Hybrid Pricing

Complete flexibility, combining
fixed fees and usage-based billing

Advanced Pricing add-ons

Seamlessly applying commitments, base amounts,credits, discounts

Real time

Visibility into the customer’s precise
consumption at any given moment

Approval Workflow

Engaging with all stakeholders and streamlininginvoice approval processes

Tailored for global companies

Handling multiple currencies, subsidiaries and tax

Billing That’s Effortless for Everyone

Billing and collections ought to be the easy part for a company. With Vayu, they can be.

Leveraging application-level integration through custom APIs & SDKs or infrastructure-level connectivity with databases, cloud services and more, Vayu's Low-Code/No-Code platform dramatically reduces the development burden.

It takes charge of complex billing functionalities such as pricing models, data aggregation, discount management and more so that you can be up and running and solve your company’s billing challenges within hours.

Say goodbye to manual data entries. Never worry again about needing developer or data expert help just to be able to close the month.

With Vayu you have a real time view of revenues, can be quote-to-cash within minutes even with multiple pricing models, currencies and products in play, and have complete, automatic accuracy.

Billing is part of your company’s product. With Vayu, you can ensure excellent customer experience all the way from flexible quotes accommodating any customer need, to accurate, automated invoicing.